Strategic Partners

Turkish Red Crescent: Being the most important and powerful organization considering the refugee issue across Turkey, Turkish Red Crescent accepted to be our essential strategic partner in our Project. It promised to provide us with positions with respect to internships and international voluntary activities. Furthermore, it guaranteed us to supervise and guide us in the maintenance and operational process of the project whenever we request such helps. We are delighted to be recognized as the strategic partner of  Turkish Red Crescent, the largest and actively working humanitarian organization in Turkey. For more information about Turkish Red Crescent:

Istanbul Sehir University: Opened in 2008 as a private, non-profit university, Istanbul Sehir University is eager to assist us in mentoring and to support us in creating suitable environment, in which Project Virtuous Triangle can materialize its aims. We are still striving to establish as much new partnerships as possible for the sustainability of our project and for the provision of incentives and motivations for coach students as well as pupils.