About Us

Experiencing the immense effects of refugee crisis, and observing the incompetency of organizations to deal with it across the world, we, as three universty students, have started pondering the question of refugees and their integratio─▒n into the society. After long hours of research and discussion, we developed a project called "Virtuous Triangle" that aims to tackle a wide range of problems simultaneously. Project Virtuous Triangle has been chosen as one of the 30 semi-finalists in European Social Innovation Competition, and has putting all of its efforts to be winner of the Competition. We are still improving our project through establishing strategic partnerships and doing feasibility study. About Project Virtuous Triangle :  Based on the principles of reciprocity, profitability, and mutual understanding “Virtuous Triangle” aims to open up a platform where local university students and primary school children are matched to refugee pupils so that a triangle consists of one university student, one local and one refugee pupil.  Virtuous Triangle unfolds itself as the pupils communicate and establish a long-term friendship, at the same time being supervised, guided and supported by the university students who are responsible for integration, skill and language development of children.  Couch students will also be rewarded with different priveleges ranging from internship opportunities  & international voluntary-based trips to book & food credits.